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Columbus Community Profile

Rural Nature, Urban Access

At the merge of I-35W and I-35E, Columbus is conveniently placed directly in the path of all traffic heading to or from many Northern Minnesota destinations. The city is 25 minutes from downtown St. Paul, 35 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and only 30 minutes from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Two convenient interchanges provide direct access to the entire interstate system, ideal for efficient shipping and transportation for your business, or just getting around the Twin Cities metro area.

Covering more than 48 square miles, Columbus is a large and growing community offering more than 11,000 acres of parks, recreational land and preserves including a substantial portion of the Carlos Avery Wildlife area. The City is committed to high quality development, working with land owners and potential businesses to establish the best possible use for all land in the community. While new development is always a strong focus, economic growth is primarily driven by the retention and expansion of existing businesses.

Columbus is home to a skilled and growing labor force. Numerous colleges, universities and technical institutions are in close proximity, offering valuable opportunities for ongoing higher education and cooperative, customized technical training for local businesses. With a quiet, peace, rural setting including urban amenities, Columbus is a place that employees want to call home. We hope that you will consider Columbus for your next business venture.


Metropolitan Council's Community Profile for Columbus