Development Tools

Columbus is open to new businesses that are interested in developing on the edge of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.  The City is committed to high quality development, working with land owners and potential businesses to establish the best possible use for all land in the community.

Anoka County Economic Success Website 

Part of Anoka County's coordinated economic development initiative was the launch of a website that is the go-to place to learn about commercial properties for sale in Anoka County, regional economic development news, quality of life information, and more.  The site has an interactive map that highlights properties for sale and offers information about the properties.  Visit the site through the link above to learn more!

Economic development in Anoka County is on the rise, especially here in Columbus.  The County offers low crime rates, low taxes and cost of living, as well as ample access to beautiful parks and wildlife management areas.  Columbus' Freeway District in particular offers land for sale with necessary infrastructure, great visibility from I-35, and ease of access from Exit 129.  

Interested in purchasing commercial land in the City of Columbus?  Contact the Interim City Administrator at 651-419-9011 or by email at

Understanding the Sewer Availability Charge (SAC)

If you start a new business, change location, or change the use of your space in a way that creates more potential demand on the wastewater system, you will be required to submit for a Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) determination and possibly pay SAC.  The Metropolitan Council charges SAC to local governments.  The number of SAC units you pay your local government will depend on the potential wastewater demand of your business. One SAC unit is $2,485 (2016-17 rate), but it could be more than one unit, depending on the size and kind of business you own.  A SAC unit is based on the maximum potential flow of a single-family home, about 274 gallons per day.  Learn more about SAC at the Metropolitan Council's website.

Customized Financing Solutions

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) for the City of Columbus promotes and facilitates economic development within the city. The EDA considers business and housing development proposals on a case-by-case basis and uses competitive financing, such as Tax Increment Financing, designed to save companies substantial interest expense over the life of a project, while simultaneously improving their return on equity.