2024 Pavement Maintenance Map

Road Maintenance Projects to Being May 13

Columbus Public Works is undertaking a significant pavement maintenance plan, and your road may be impacted.

Many roadways in the City are expected to receive one of three treatments, with work scheduled to start as early as next week.

The most common project taking place in the City is a two-step process called "Crack Seal & Chip Seal." Roadways highlighted in pink in the associated map will begin being crack sealed the week of May 13, followed in mid-June by a chip sealing project that should increase the life of the driving surface. Roads receiving both treatments include 137th Avenue, 141st Avenue, 145th Avenue, 148th Court, 149th Court, 155th Avenue, 159th Avenue, 181st Avenue, 184th Avenue, 189th Avenue, 192nd Avenue, Anson Street, Bender Street, (North) Furman Street, Jodrell Street, Loyola Street, Lyons Street, (North) Notre Dame Street, Pine Street, Vassar Street, Willamette Court, Xingu Street and Zodiac Street.

Some roadways in Columbus are only receiving part of the previously described treatment. The roads marked in yellow, including 167th Lane, 168th Lane, 169th Avenue, 172nd Court, 174th Court, DePaul Street, Hornsby Street, Vassar Street and (North) Zurich Street, will only receive crack seal treatment, with work expected to take place the week of May 13.

Public Works is also introducing a new maintenance technique to the City called microsurfacing - a technique that our neighbors in Forest Lake have found successful. Intended as a trial run, Public Works has selected roadways highlighted in green (147th Avenue [aka Gander Drive], Howard Lake Drive, [South] Zurich Street [aka Running Aces Boulevard] and the Public Works Parking Lot) to gauge performance of this new technique before considering implementing the technique across the City in future projects.

The scheduling of all road work is weather dependent, so you may not see any work done on your street next week if there is any rainfall. Rest assured that if the roadway near your property is marked in pink, yellow or green on the map, your road will receive maintenance.

Residents and businesses in these areas should be on the lookout for traffic control when work is being done. No long-term traffic delays are expected as a result of this work, but traffic control in the work areas may require a momentary stop in travel to ensure workers' safety.

As a reminder, the following roads are not managed by the City of Columbus: 157th Avenue (private), 185th Avenue (Anoka County Highway Department [ACHD]), 197th Avenue (ACHD), Broadway Avenue (ACHD), Kettle River Boulevard (ACHD), Interstate 35 and its derivatives (Minnesota Department of Transportation [MnDOT]), Lake Drive (ACHD west of I-35, including the bridge, and MnDOT east of I-35), Lexington Avenue (ACHD), Potomac Street (ACHD), West Freeway Drive (ACHD) and Xalapa Street (private). Any maintenance requests for these roadways should be directed to the appropriate authorities.