Join the Corps that Keep our Elections Smooth and Fair

Every two years, the path of our great country is set with the results of the federal, state and local elections. And every time, someone needs to oversee the polling locations throughout the day. But who exactly has that important responsibility? That would fall on the unsung heroes of the election: the election judges.

Who are election judges?

Election judges ensure the integrity and safety of one of the core pillars of American democracy! Local election officials are temporary, paid employees of the City trained to handle all aspects of voting at the polling place. Serving as an election judge is a chance to learn about elections and is a great service to the community.

Is there an election judge position for me?

Yes! There are several positions that are needed to ensure the process runs smoothly. If you are outgoing and like speaking to people, being a greeter or demonstrating how to fill out the ballot could be options for you! Or, if teaching others rules isn’t your strong suit, registering voters on poll pads could be your role. And those aren’t the only responsibilities of election judges - there are plenty of options to fit you and your needs, and the City will work with you to determine the role best suited for you.

Is it easy to become an election judge?

Yes! Requirements are that you need to be an eligible Minnesota voter, read and speak English, and not have a family member on the ballot. That’s it! The City of Columbus is always looking for new election judges, and that will especially be the case in 2024 with three different elections taking place. A requirement of a two-hour online training is all you need to be certified. Student judges aged 16 and 17 years old are also welcome.

Who should I contact to learn more information or apply?

If you are interested in becoming an election judge, please fill out this interest form on the City’s website. Otherwise, you can reach out to the Deputy Clerk for more information. The Clerk can be reached at 651-419-9010 or via email.

Become an election judge today and serve your community!