Parks FAQs


 Do you inspect trees for oak wilt? What is the proper way to prune trees?

If you suspect oak wilt on your property, please call the University of Minnesota Extension- Department of Forest Resources 612-624-3400 for oak wilt questions and information.  Here are some pruning tips:

 How do I reserve a ballfield or picnic shelter?

To reserve one of our fields or the picnic shelter, please choose and print the appropriate reservation form and fill in the required information.  You may send in your reservation with the required amount due or you may bring the completed reservation form to the City Hall . Any questions regarding this process, please call the City Offices at 651-464-3120 - Ext.1010.

**Please note there are no refunds due to inclement weather.

 Where are the parks in Columbus?

  • Columbus City Park - The main park in Columbus is a 22-acre park located on both sides of Kettle River Boulevard by the City Hall complex. Amenities in this park include 4 ball fields with backstops, players' benches and bleachers. It also has a football/soccer field, a double tennis court, a t-ball field, a picnic shelter, a beautiful wooded picnic area with grills and tables, ample parking and benches. This park has a 3/4 mile paved walking path throughout the park.
  • Hidden Park - Nestled in the neighborhood of 162nd Avenue, this park is a 1.9-acre neighborhood park and contains a 4-seat swing set, a bike rack, a half-court basketball court, a picnic table and a bench.